Teacher’s Pet

If you are thinking of making a Christmas present for your child’s teacher, I have a suggestion: Good Apple Fairy Cakes.

Apple Fairy Cakes for Teacher

Apple Fairy Cakes for Teacher

They are very easy to make.

1st make the Vanilla Fairy Cakes from my previous post up to and including icing them.

To Decorate:

You will need:

  • Red Sugar Paste
  • Brown Sugar Paste
  • Edible Gold Glitter Stars.
  • Edible Glue

You can find the sugar paste in most supermarkets, they are sold in small packs of 250g

The edible glitter I bought in a baking accessory shop, if you don’t have it, you can substitute with hundreds and thousands.

Take a chunk of red sugar paste and roll it into a ball about 3cm in diameter, using a narrow instrument like a bulbulous cone modelling tool or the end of a thin utensil handle, make a small dent in the top of the ball to shape it like an apple.

Repeat for the amount of cakes you are making.

Sugar Paste Apples

Sugar Paste Apples

Next, the apple stalk. Take the brown sugar paste (usually chocolate flavoured so it smells lovely.) pinch a small amount and roll it into a worm shape, then cut into pieces 1cm in length, bend each piece slightly. Using a clean brush, place a small amount of edible glue in the well at the top of each apple and add the stalk.

Sprinkle the gold stars over the top of the cakes and voilà! You’re done!

An Apple for Teacher

An Apple for Teacher